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Hindu funeral service - The Derbyshire Piper

I was invited to play for a #Hindu #funeral last weekend and in fact they wanted two #pipers to lead the #cortège up to the church and then out of the church when they would release 7 white doves and then from there, we were to pipe the courtege again to Sandwell Vally crematorium. I invited my good friend and fellow piper Stuart Gullen to come along with me and living across the other side of #Mansfield and #Nottingham meant that he would need to be up around 4:15am in order to get to me and then we could head off together to be ready on site at 7am.

Stuart wore our #SeaforthHighlanders #Mackenzie #tartan and I wore my #Welsh #Prideofwales tartan and grade 1 military style uniforms.

We piped the #funeral #procession up the road and into the #church yard front and then re struck in a short while after to lead the coffin into the #church. Then we had an hour and half wait sitting in the car until the nod for us to pipe out of the church to the tunes of #Greenhills and #BattlesOer and then a speedy hoof down the motorway to #Sandwellvalleycrematorium

for us to receive the cortège again and walk infront to pipe into the crematorium and playing (as per their choice) #Scotlandthebrave into #Barronrocksofaden and then to #Mharieswedding

Then all done and it was time to head back home and special thanks to #GurpreetGill of www.gillsfuneralcare #gillsfuneralcare for inviting Stuart and me to play and what a wonderful and dignified ceremony it was.

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