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Piping in the Dales

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

I love the Derbyshire countryside and the fact that i can get one of my Welsh Cilts on (either the Pride of Wales or the St. David’s tartan) and then a thick woolly jumper and sone sturdy walking boots and thick socks and head off with my bagpipes (either the Dunfion or the Kintails) and head out to some superb landmarks to play some familiar and yet haunting tunes from a rocky outcrop such as Alport Height or Curbar Edge, to a huge cave such as Thor’s cave or perhaps Lud’s Church. All of which are fantastic for superb music sounds and very fitting for the scenery. Interestingly, there don’t appear to be an abundance of pipers who seem to want to do the same, so when folks turn up to say hello, it’s seems like a rare occurrence to see a piper there, which in one way is quite nice rather than perhaps too regular an event and it takes away or dilutes the charm.

My lovely wife seems to bear the brunt of having to start there and record away, however, she hasn’t started moaning yet, and seems to enjoy the attention the situation begets. I’m trying to learn more traditional Welsh songs such as Calon Lan and Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau to play for my friends and family back hone in Wales.

I’ve trekked around a few areas with the pipes now and have posted videos up on youtube and facebook and loved the one time we went to Thor’s cave and started playing ‘Scotland the Brave’ and all the visitors there joined in and sang along and clapped away. What a superb atmosphere - take a look on youtube if you fancy or also on the videos section of this website.

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