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Windy Whitby for the Derbyshire Piper

Updated: May 2, 2021

A lovely day for the #Derbyshire #Piper and family to head to #Whitby for a day in October 2020. The sun shone through splendidly as we walked to the #Abbey, the #Church and then on down to the #harbour - My wife and daughter were there with their trusty #cameras and I thought the #lighthouse at the end of the #pier seems a fitting and poignant spot to play a few tunes. Having been born and brought up in #Wales, I thought I would dedicate these two tunes to my family and friends in Wales who are now about to go through lockdown number two for this wretched #Covid issue. My two tunes of choice were - #GuidemeOthyGreatRedeemer and #Gwahoddiad which is perfect for conjuring up that little bit of #Hiraeth. Here is the link on YouTube and special thanks to my daughter for the lovely photos.

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