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The Derbyshire Piper - Traditional Bagpiper

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

I've played in bands and shows for most of my life and in front of huge crowds as well as small family events and they have all been a real pleasure to experience, however, there is nothing more rewarding than presenting in my Derbyshire Piper - Traditional Piper kilt attire and leading a funeral procession or presenting for a birthday party or Wedding event. I really feel that this is the ultimate honour given that you are pretty much unknown for the family and yet you are no about to take a very important set of steps and effectively lead the entire function. I find this truly humbling and such a great honour and in the case of a funeral, you see the faces of the family looking 'lost' and seeking guidance, and the presence of oneself in the full kilt regalia presents a kind of leadership presence.

It has been a very rewarding few years playing the bagpipes and a sincere thank you to the pipers and drummers at The Seaforth Highlanders (Notts Branch) who have helped me on my journey. I look forward to serving more weddings, birthdays, funerals, Masonic Events, Burns Nights and war memorial processions around the UK Midlands area

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